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“It only takes a lie to make the doubt overwhelm a whole life”
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Pixelo is a company that was born from the desire to bring together, in a unique and innovative project, the extensive experience achieved by the best of the Gaming industry professionals. Thanks to the know-how acquired by its employees, Pixelo boasts specialists skills constantly up to date with technological progress and market requirements, channeled into a cutting-edge gaming platform.
The blend of innovation and professionalism returns the idea company that aims to offer Dealers affiliates of products that combine high standards of safety and efficiency by providing numerous services as well as providing a valid consulting activities whose goal is certainly to propose productive and customized solutions.


Pixelo is proud to provide its customers, through the entire range of products offered, the fulfillment of the Business Process Improvement objectives, increasingly essential requirement for those who choose to operate in a market that is constantly competitive and competitive. Security, ease of use, efficiency and versatility are the main strengths of the new Pixelo Platform.

The Game Platform

Designed in collaboration with industry experts, it provides extensive scalability, and high performance and is complete with all necessary tools for the Operator activities Game.
Entirely developed in .NET environment, guarantees maximum safety and efficiency through the use of new information technologies. Within the platform two main application areas can be identified, the administrative and commercial and the more specific betting.

service 3

Four web applications


service 1

Administrative and commercial area


service 2

Betting area


Four interconnected applications

The platform consists of four interconnected web applications:

  1. ILOWAWA, for the site;
  2. BOBO, for the support staff;
  3. WBM, for risk management;
  4. QUICKY, for terrestrial bets.

Administrative and commercial area:

It includes the application of game management accounts, certified by the respective authorities and responding to current regulations ADM, which allows the administrative and commercial management of users and agents, favoring a smooth administration of marketing and the commission calculation. You can also configure and monitor the accounting movements both for each collection and is for the entire dealer channel through comprehensive reports detailing the movements as well as the financial statements of each class of user of the sales network. Through the instruments made available to the Operator, the platform allows for administrative and commercial management developed over several levels that the qualification to be a product essential for complete autonomy of the business of the dealer management.

Bet Management Area:

Is identified with the application of the betting management, fully customizable for Online Games and Gaming as well as intuitive and functional for Terrestrial game, thanks to the fact that does not require any software installation. The gaming offering enables Operators to retain the End User with attractive graphics, through the inclusion of customizable widgets for individual gaming channel, as well as achievable to exude exclusivity. Finally, to enhance and complete the sports offer is dedicated to Risk Management section.
Strongly oriented to the End User, gives the possibility to each operator to customize and make unique its gaming offer, thanks to the use of instruments that meet the needs of ever-changing usability. Through unique features on the market of Gaming in Italy, such as acceptance and evaluation of every single game, combined with the already exhaustive reporting, it enables a thorough risk management on all levels of the network.

The platform is approved for the following communication protocols:

  • PSQF (fixed odds betting)
  • PGDA (skill games, poker)
  • PSR (totalizator betting the Big series, National IPP and for the competition Betting on horse racing)
  • PSIP (horse betting)
  • BNG (bingo)

Know How

Our experience for you

Pixelo boasts of being the result of a fruitful collaboration of accredited professionals through many years of experience in the gaming industry. A partnership that has enabled us to develop an innovative product and entirely dedicated to Game Operators wishing to be eligible for a working tool of great professionalism and functionality.

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Administration Department

Responsabile Angelica Gallitano


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Commercial Department

+39 393 8852015

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Other information



Game products

The best of fun on your game sites

Pixelo is active in meeting the needs of its customers promptly, and takes pride to be able to offer a wide range of gaming products carefully selected among the most qualified professionals.

Method of payment

Pixelo provides the customer a wide range of integrations with the most popular and secure payment gateway:

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Data controller and Data protection officer

Data controller is Pixelo s.r.l., with registered office in via Salandra n. 18, 00187 Rome.

Pixelo appointed the "data protection officer" as required by the Regulation (so-called "Data Protection Officer" or "DPO"). Our DPO is available at the following e-mail address: dpo-pixelo@pec.it.
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