“Betting exchange is a product to focus on and this is why we launch the challenge of ‘Pixchange’. It is a fundamental offer for traders, true professionals rather than enthusiasts”.

This is what Cristina Ferrario, Pixelo sales director said, commenting on the launch of the new game offer “Pixchange” during the presentation of the new product today at Enada Rome.

“A phrase by Friedrich Nietzsche inspired me to design this path – she continued -” and those who were seen dancing were judged mad by those who could not hear the music “. We of Pixelo with ‘Pixchange’ want to make you listen to this music to understand the Betting exchange market in a new way “.

Giorgio Passalacqua (commercial director of Vincitù Group) added: “Vincitù is the leader of the ‘Pixchange’ product, on which we are strongly believing.

Already in the 90s two traders, Andrew Black with the help of Edward Wray, created trading on sports betting.

There are now 500,000 customers in the world with the betting exchange and 3 million matches per day.

In Italy from 2014 to 2018 the betting exchange grew in particular at the end of the 2017-18 football championship. But in 2004 Italy was the third country in terms of turnover in the betting exchange, even if the market was not yet regulated.

Then in 2014 the arrival of the “Back and Lay” controlled and regulated by ADM. It can be said that in this type of play the bookmaker is watching, since it hosts, without taking risks, the exchanges between players.

With ‘Pixchange’ we are dedicating a space to a particular sort of players. Of course, liquidity becomes very important and the game mechanisms can be more complex to understand. For example, there are possibilities for players to limit the loss if the game is not going as planned. “

“The traditional bet has grown by 37% – continued Passalacqua – while the exchange by 81%. These are ADM data. This must also be said to emphasize that one market does not cancel out the other. “Pixchange” therefore represents a novelty in the world of betting exchange because it gives a different possibility of use and with specific ways of playing for traders “.

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