“The numbers registered in September have been particularly positive. Poker & Bet recorded collections from online bets for 4 million euros, a very important datum if you consider that up to a year ago it was around 600-700 thousand euros.

Certainly our very intuitive gaming platform has had an important impact. “

This is what Lucio Pellecchia, Administrator of the Pixelo software platform, told to Agimeg, who also underlines “a big increase on live, thanks to the management of our platform, but the results of the collection on casino games are also very comforting”.

What is the secret of this success?

“With live betting we offer up to 13 thousand events per month on our platform and 3 thousand exclusive ITF Tennis events, providing operators and therefore players with one of the richest offer packages on the market. They range from the main leagues, such as Serie A and Premier, to the third or fourth category leagues, or to the women’s leagues, which have a great response from the players “.

How has the online betting market evolved?

“The game on live is mainly online, professional players have always been there, but many occasional players also play on live, the market has moved compared to traditional canons. The offer is increasingly varied and new bets can be placed during events. “

What news do you have in store and how do you judge the current regulatory situation in the sector?

“We will soon also offer services for the management of the physical game, an activity that will be carried out mainly when there is finally a call for the new physical network, even if in reality in our opinion there is an excess of supply in the area. Everything changed when the territorial location ended, the identification of the stores on a provincial and municipal basis: having removed the territorial constraints, the game concentrated where there is greater collection, however in this way the collection is divided among several operators, not to mention the existence of an illegal network, which practices unfair competition. In addition, many illegal stores have been legalized, with the result that today we have an exaggerated offer. The ban is expected, but it will not be the panacea for all evils. We will offer services such as online game management connectivity and back office and in the future, for the management of the physical network, we will implement new games, offering services that according to our concessionaires have made them grow considerably “.

What are the next scheduled appointments?

“We will be present next week at the Enada in Rome, a fair where we will offer back office management potential (billing, top-ups, payments) for operators”

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