Pixchange is one of the new products from Pixelo, the new betting exchange product, that is the exchange of bets between players.

Pixchange is the natural evolution of online sports betting, a platform that promotes and rewards sports trading, with players becoming protagonists of the scene, establishing their own odds for each sporting event.

With Pixchange, each player will behave like a trader and will be able to sell and buy “odds” from which to make a profit.

Of course, through the betexchange, the player will be able to intervene making a back or lay, if the event is going in an unexpected direction.

The strength of Pixelo’s Pixchange platform is its simplicity of management and its attractive graphical interface. Which is a pleasant invitation to play. Fun and responsible.


The news

Intuitive interface with navigable menus for a better user experience

Wide offer of


Ability to bet antepost

Realtime statistics of the event, both in prematch and live mode.

Modular commissions

Possibility to choose independently the type of commission to be applied, in percentage or fixed, on

  • BET

Customizable commissions

Ability to manage commissions on the network, also distributing and differentiating by single end user.

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