Also Pixelo is present at the Ice in London. 2018 will be an important year for the company as told to Agimeg Cristina Ferrario, Pixelo sales director.

How did Pixelo go for this first month of 2018?

We are very excited. Ours is a young brand that has a year and a half of life. Born on Core business which is the sports platform that has a ten-year life. We are having excellent appreciation from already consolidated customers, in terms of growth and numbers. In short, we are very satisfied with the results we are achieving. There is still a lot to grow, but finally we have our own specific identity on the Italian market.

Do customers find a complete product in your business?

Absolutely yes. Our sport platform is the one that differentiates us from our main competitors in terms of elasticity and scalability of the profiles. We have made excellent agreements both for Live and for quota management, which today allow our customers to have game offers that give them very profitable possibilities. We are also expanding the offer of other games.

What 2018 do you expect? Will Pixelo still be the protagonist? Will there be any news?

We are present at the ICE to consolidate the relationship with the main suppliers and because our platform is ready to be able to access the international market. We have made several meetings with different operators in emerging markets where our product is enjoying a lot. We are ready for this new challenge. As for the Italian market, it is a propitious moment because of the new tender. Right now we are approached by several customers interested in the new concessions. It is a time of great work.

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